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From time to time we go on trips either in New England or abroad.

Trips can be a great way to make new life long friends, and lasting memories.


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Offerings  (All offerings included in price.)




Sample Day


7:00 AM                                              Yoga

8:30 AM                                      Breakfast

9:30 AM                                  *Kitesurfing

12:00 PM                                          Lunch

3:00 PM              *Slacklining or AcroYoga

6:00 PM                                            Dinner

8:00 PM                                       AcroYoga


* Kitesurfing and Slack/Acro sessions will be rescheduled depending on wind conditions, and popular demand.




The House


Heaven’s Gate is one of the premier kiteboarding destinations on the outer banks.  Located on the only Sandy beach on the sound side of the Cape, this four story house is perfectly suited to housing larger groups smack on top of the best flat water beach in the area.  Leave your kites pumped up on the beach while enjoying some relaxing hot tub time, or a swim in the heated saltwater pool.  Should the weather turn sour the main living space has plenty of room for indoor yoga practice, and the theater is always ready to play inspiring works of cinematic art.  Don’t miss a puff of wind.  From the upper level you can see any kite flying on the sound or ocean side.  Best of all, this house offers plenty of room to enjoy your own space, as well as the company of your fellow house mates.  Freshly finished and furnished, Heaven’s Gate will provide the perfect space for creating lasting memories, friendships, and experiences.  View more information about our home for the week here:




About The YogaSlackers


YogaSlackers Teachers Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernández have infectious drives, and are known for bringing their students to their edges and beyond. As modern day nomads, you can find them driving coast to coast in their "PeaceLoveCar", or hopping on a plane to teach overseas. Sam is the co-founder of The YogaSlackers, and has a great deal of knowledge and experience on the slackline, creating amazing spectacles wherever he goes. He is also a skilled kiteboarder.  In 2007 & 2008 he crossed the entire state of North Dakota on a snowkite!  Raquel's extensive training in all different types of yoga, AcroYoga, slacklining, and healing arts, makes her a motivating and receptive teacher, great at progressing her students further. With their many combined talents and skills, these two always have something new and exciting to share and together, make the perfect teaching team.  For more information about the Sam and Raquel or the YogaSlackers organization visit




About True Progression Kiteboarding


Owner George Pare’ has been sharing his passion for adventure and the outdoors all his life.  He has been providing high level kiteboarding instruction since 2008, and has enjoyed the sight of many a first ride.  George completed his PASA (Professional Air Sports Association) certification at Kitty Hawk Kites in 2010 and has been working to perfect his teaching style all the while.  His business is named ‘True Progression Kiteboarding’ for a reason.  George works hard to help you progress in the sport, build confidence, and become a self sufficient rider, all with inexhaustible patience.  In addition to his kiteboarding business, George runs a traditional Blacksmith shop in Little Compton Rhode Island where he preserves an age old craft with hammer and anvil.  Talk to him also about rock climbing, aerial cinematography, woodworking, and a plethora of other interests.  George gives his all to help his students realize their potential.  You will not meet someone more devoted to what he does.  For more information about George and True Progression Kiteboarding visit: and




About Our Chef


Chef Charisa Legault and her kiteboarding husband Paul have partnered with us to provide culinary delights based on our theme of balance. They are a truly wonderful couple who will add tremendously to our offering. Chef Charisa graduated with a culinary associates degree from Newbury College in Brookline, MA in 1986. She was the first female chef at the distinguished Giacomo's in the North End of Boston. She is traditionally French trained with a strong background and experience with Italian Tuscan cuisine. Her culinary passion transforms classic dishes into healthy alternatives while maintaining strong ties to efficient food service preparation. Read more about their inspiring story and creative entrepreneurial successes at




Cancellation Policy


In the event of a cancellation prior to June 30th, guests will receive a full refund if a replacement is found; minus a 5% booking fee. After said date we will retain 30% of the ticket price if a replacement is not found.


No refunds after Oct 1st.




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-If you have ideas or inspirations for future adventures please run them by us-

Gourmet in a Pinch Paul and Charisa Legault Catering 2015 Kiteboarding Retreat
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